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Welcome to the Yanagi Stables web site. We first fell in love with Curlies when we read about them in the Horse Illustrated Magazine in 1995, you know the one with Spartacus on the cover. It wasn't so much the curls but the temperament, versatility and trainability. Though I love the curls too. And the bonus... HYPO ALLERGENIC. Finally my nieces and nephews can come and visit me without having an allergic reaction! Well that just about did it, had to have one. Not long after the article came out, we moved to Japan but Curlies stuck in my head. Well, on the last stretch of our Japan stay, discovered Curlies on the Internet! Bought Jobi's mom via internet from Kentucky while lining in Japan and got home just before our first curly foal, Y.S. Tanjobi was born. Also have to mention here, you can never have just one curly! Not long after buying Tansie, Jobi's mom, couldn't resist and bought PJ, via internet from Japan. PJ has a marking on her side very similar to the island of Hokkaido in Japan. How could we resist! Having never seen a real curly, just researching them, not realizing how many "types"of curlies there were, it was a bit of a crazy thing to do. Though, we've never looked back.

At Yanagi Stables, we breed for excellent temperament, confirmation and the bonus, curls. We are working towards breeding for taller, athletic, sport horse type curly that will be suitable for young and young at heart, in the show ring or on the trail. The type of horse that you can take to an event one day and then take for a quiet hack the next day. And be your best friend. Curlies definitely have these qualities and this is what we hope to achieve in all our foals. All our horses are registered with the ICHO registry and/or with the ABC and CSI registries. We will not only stop at just breeding...we will continue to show, promote and display our horses whenever we can. Just can't wait to get out there eventing on my favourite curlies!

Curlies really are a breed of mystery and continued development. There are no proven origins of Curlies, just theories and hypotheses which are being tested on an on going basis and we are learning more and more. There are some basic standards of Curlies but many breeders have their own ideas of what they would like their Curlies to be. Whether you want an early curly, sport horse, draft, pony, pleasure, gaited or other, Curlies come in just about every type to suit your ability and sport. The most outstanding thing about these horses is that throughout all the changes and out crossing, they have maintained they curls, hypo-allergenic quality and their EXCELLENT people oriented temperament. For more breed information, history, and so forth, the best sites to visit are the American Bashkir Curly Registry and the International Curly Horse Organization.

In the meanwhile, we hope you enjoy touring our pages. And we do love to talk horses and love visitors, so if you find yourself in our neck of the woods, please feel free to give us a call and stop by!


Trish & Darrick Rosborough